That one time I met Dave Barry

I was asked to write copy for a letter inviting the directors of Amarillo’s BSA Health Care System to its fundraising lyceum. The speaker: Dave Barry, a man whose admiration for me was palpable when I had my photo taken with him.

An award-winning staff deserves an award-winning humorist

If you know Dave Barry, you know funny.

His fans can recite their favorite Dave Barry lines like song lyrics or movie quotes. First-time readers always find a laugh in his hilarious and accurate takes on everyday topics. He’s a newspaper columnist, the author of over 25 books, a literary rock star, the subject of a sitcom, a part-time presidential candidate…oh, and he won a Pulitzer Prize. And we’re bringing him to Amarillo.

John Hicks wants to thank you for the top-notch work you do everyday to make BSA a wonderful place for patients and employees. So he’s inviting all directors to be our guests as The BSA Lyceum presents “An Evening with Dave Barry,” Thursday, October 27, at 7:30 PM in the Civic Center Grand Plaza.

You’ll enjoy both an entertaining presentation and a memorable meal—the evening’s menu will be created by Becky McKinley of Dining by Design and catered by Bourbon Street Cafe.

This Lyceum event is a crucial opportunity to interact with our community as they gather to hear Mr. Barry speak. All directors at the event are invited to make these guests feel welcome and thank them for their donation to this important foundation.

Please call Jo Tyler Bagwell at 212-6644 to reserve your space for what’s sure to be an enjoyable evening. Two free tickets are available for each BSA director. When you call, please let us know if you’d like to serve as a greeter for our arriving donors.

We appreciate the work of all our directors, and we hope this evening will remind our staff and our community what a wonderful place BSA is.

See you there!

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