Ten simple ways, ten simple graphics

On a few occasions at Feed the Children, I did a little graphic design. In January 2014, I collaborated with my boss, Joy Bennett, on a blog post titled Ten Simple Ways To Help Children in 2014. I did the graphics for each of the ten, which were used together in the blog post and separately in a social media campaign.

Ten Simple Ways

Giving Texas Trio an identity

One of my favorite freelance clients was Texas Trio, an upscale rustic furniture store. They sold the kind of stuff you’d put in your million-dollar ranch house to make it look cozy. The owner was pretty pleased with the look I came up with.

Real Estate Concepts: They sold houses, and I helped

I spent several years with Real Estate Concepts, both as a freelancer as the in-house marketing director. I built the website, designed the ads, produced the weekly open house materials, and did my best to please a large staff of type-A salespeople.

Helping lake people find lake houses with Johnson Properties

There are worse jobs than selling real estate at Possum Kingdom Lake, and there are also worse jobs than designing ads for those people who sell that real estate. I had that job. The design one.